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Solar Panels

Our solar PV panels can be used to generate all or part of your electricity needs, either directly, by connecting to the house; or indirectly, by charging a battery bank

We supply and install the highest quality solar panels from Jinko, Trina Solar and DAS Solar all come with an impressive 25 year linear power warranty.


As is one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, JinkoSolar distributes solar products and sells solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base. The stylish all-black, high performance, high efficiency Jinko Solar Tiger modules save on space and labour costs while delivering class leading power.


Founded in 1996, REC has manufactured over 40 million panels and powered 17+ million people at home. REC TwinPeak solar panels use a series of unique and innovative technologies in a ground-breaking cell layout, to give you a high efficiency and high power output product for your home or business.


Trina Solar is a well respected name in solar panel manufacturing and is the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the world. In a recent study Trina panels ranked highest in reliable performance under real-world climate conditions; and they now offer a 25 year power performance and residential module product warranty.


Founded in 2018, DAS Solar specialises in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of high-efficiency solar cells, PV modules, and system applications, as well as investment, construction, and operation of power plants.

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