Commercial Solar

A Commercial Solar power system provides all the benefits of a residential system and more; enabling sustainable energy for the lifetime of your business, reducing your environmental footprint and improving your sustainability credentials.

Tailor-made commercial solar energy systems

CPS Solar will provide a custom solar energy system designed to generate the power your business requires. The benefits are many, including:


Reduce your reliance on expensive grid supply

Businesses have high energy consumption and usually at the most expensive time of the day. Often commercial buildings are large, allowing for a substantial solar array and associated energy cost savings –  generally the larger the system, the higher the return on investment. The financial benefits are further enhanced by the fact that solar power is produced during the day, often when businesses use the most electricity.  

With rising grid energy prices, installing a solar energy system from CPS Solar can save you a significant amount of money for the lifetime of your business.

Reduce your environmental footprint

As New Zealand seeks to reduce carbon emissions the government is continuing to place more demands on businesses.  An easy way to reduce your environmental footprint, including carbon emissions is to install a solar energy system.

Improve sustainability credentials

A solar PV system is highly visible to clients, staff and the general public, and as everyone becomes more aware of the environmental impact of businesses, sustainability becomes an important aspect in choice of supplier.  Show you mean business!  

Our commercial projects

CPS Solar uses only the highest quality products for our commercial installations, ensuring a lifetime of solar energy for your business. CPS Solar has been involved in many commercial solar installations, large and small.

Commercial Solar Panels

DAS solar panel house

DAS Solar Panels

Founded in 2018, DAS Solar specialises in the R&D, manufacturing, and marketing of high-efficiency solar cells, PV modules and system applications, as well as investment, construction, and operation of power plants.

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Jinko Cheetah Solar Panels

Jinko Solar Panels

JinkoSolar Panels JinkoSolar is the largest and one of the most innovative solar panel manufacturers in the world, distributing cost effective, reliable solar products to

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Trina Solar Panel image

Trina Solar Panels

Introducing Trina Solar Panels Introducing a new Solar Panel brand to our range, Trina Solar. Trina is a well respected name in solar panel manufacturing and

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Commercial Inverters

Fronius Tauro Inverter

Fronius Tauro Inverter

Powerful in any situation: the robust Fronius Tauro inverter impresses not only by offering maximum flexibility in terms of system design, but also by its minimal overall system operating costs.

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The cost of your commercial solar energy system varies according to the number or size of the array (number of panels) and other system requirements.

We are happy to provide you with an free assessment and quote, please contact us or phone 0800 277 548.