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Solar Energy


Clean, free energy.
You’re in control.


Free energy for the next 30+ years!


Our Solar Panel energy systems capture the sun’s clean, free energy, offering you the ability to take control of your own energy supply. All our Solar Photovaltaic (PV) Panels  carry a hefty 25 year warranty, but it’s not unusual for the panels to be performing for 30+ years from installation.

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Grid energy prices keep climbing

With grid energy prices rising faster than inflation, now is the time to consider our smart solar energy systems to generate your own energy for your home or business.

The strong NZ dollar, coupled with the downward trending of solar panel manufacturing costs means that CPS Solar has secured our lowest ever import terms.

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Self consumption

With power retailers announcing reductions in solar power buy-back rates, “self-consumption” systems are more efficient than ever. Self Consumption is the use of solar energy directly at source – either immediately or delayed through the use of battery storage systems.

Self-consumption has become possible through the use of smart technologies and intelligent energy management.

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