Solar Energy

Sustainable energy for the next 25+ years!

Our solar panel energy systems capture the sun’s clean, free energy, offering you your own sustainable energy supply for many years. We only install the best solar products, so it’s not unusual for our panels to still be performing for 30+ years from installation. In fact we are so confident, all of our Solar Photovaltaic (PV) Panels  carry a hefty 25 year warranty. Not only will you benefit from free energy installing a quality system from CPS Solar, you will also be adding capital value to your home or business.

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Peace of mind for the long term.

With grid energy prices rising faster than inflation, now is the time to install one of our smart solar energy systems and generate your own energy for your home or business.

The downward trending of solar panel manufacturing costs means that CPS Solar can offer you a truly competitive alternative and peace of mind that you will not be adversely affected by further grid price increases.

Self consumption – Control of your energy consumption and no waste

Self Consumption is the use of solar energy directly at source – by using your energy either immediately or later, through the use of battery storage systems. 

With power retailers announcing reductions in solar power buy-back rates, “self-consumption” systems are now much talked about and more efficient than ever.  Smart technologies and intelligent energy management systems allow you to take control of your energy consumption, consume what you generate and ensure there is no waste. 

At CPS Solar we have been working with these technologies for a number of years and can advise you on the best system for your needs.