Self Consumption

Use all the energy you generate with intelligent energy systems.

Self-consumption systems refer to the use of the energy generated by your solar PV system within your home or business directly at source – either immediately or later, through the use of battery storage systems.  By taking control of the energy you generate, you ensure you use everything with no wastage.

With some power retailers announcing reductions in solar power buy-back rates, self-consumption systems are now much talked about and more efficient than ever.

Self-consumption has become possible through the use of:

Appropriate unit size

When sizing your solar PV system and deciding on the type of panels needed, we take into consideration your typical usage by reviewing recent electricity bills, the number of occupants in your household and your consumption patterns. It is important not to oversize the storage system as the investment costs would begin to outweigh the economic benefits. We are happy to provide a free assessment and quote.

Consumption behaviour

Self-consumption can be increased by up to ten percent by changing consumption behaviour, by only using major electrical appliances during hours when most energy is generated. We can advise you on how you might do this for your home or business.

Intelligent energy management

New technologies enable self-consumption by monitoring your energy export. When the system detects that you are exporting your free energy it can for instance, redirect it to your hot water tank or other heating source, thereby ensuring that no additional power is imported to supply the hot water tank. One such technology is the Solar Diverter for Hot Water.

Many of these technologies, such as Sungrow Hybrid Inverters, can be controlled remotely through a smart phone app.

Battery storage systems

In a conventional grid-tied solar system, excess power is fed back into the grid earning you a credit on your power bill. Increasingly, the amount paid for electricity exported to the grid may be well below the price you pay when you buy electricity. While this is better than no solar system, you will often find that you create power and sell it to the electricity retailer, only to buy it back in the evening at a higher rate.

Battery storage allows solar panels to continue powering your world at night or when there is insufficient sun – without the need for importation of energy from the grid. The result is continuous and free solar power, under any conditions.

Solar diverter for hot water

A hot water diverter is a device that sends surplus electricity from your solar power system to your hot water system. This saves you having to use expensive grid electricity to heat water. It also means you can consume up to 95% of the electricity you generate. Effectively you are using your hot water cylinder as a battery!