Sungrow Residential Hybrid Inverter

Single phase SH3-6RS & SH8-10RS

The Sungrow SH RS single-phase hybrid inverter series is able to meet the needs of all residential users and is the perfect solution for both retrofitting and new installations. With a backup function, it allows you to keep running some appliances in the event of a power outage during the day.

For hybrid solar applications, the Sungrow SH RS is compatible with the BYD Battery Box.

Sungrow Hybrid SH3.0-6.0RS


  • Flexible application –  ideal for both retrofitting and new installations
  • Built-in smart PID (potential induced degradation) recovery function
  • User friendly set up with plug and play installation and iSolarCloud monitoring on App and Web
  • Lightweight and compact, optimised for heat dissipation
  • Protection against power outages with seamless transition to backup mode
  • Fast charging or discharging, enabling higher self-consumption results
  • Built-in EMS (energy management system) with advanced customization
  • Smart management with real time data, 24/7 live monitoring both online and integrated display


Download the data sheets:

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