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Solar Package Deals: Save on Solar Energy Today

Introducing our exclusive range of solar package deals designed to meet your unique energy needs and help you embrace sustainable living while saving on solar installation and power costs.

Whether you’re looking to install a cutting-edge solar hybrid system with panels, inverter and battery, upgrade your existing grid-tied system to a versatile hybrid with a new inverter and battery, or install a new, efficient grid-tied solar system, we have the perfect solution for you.

Explore our tailored packages to find the ideal fit for your home or business and start reducing your energy expenses while contributing to a greener planet. Packages start at just $10,999 with interest free terms available. 

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Store energy for later. You’re in control. Hybrid solar systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid setups by integrating battery storage. This allows you to store excess power to use during peak load times or at night, ensuring you have energy whenever you need it.


$20,999 including GST

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Upgrading your existing grid-tied system to a hybrid system enhances your energy independence and maximises the return on your solar investment. With the addition of battery storage, you can store excess solar energy generated during the day for use during peak hours or at night, reducing your reliance on the grid and protecting you against rising energy costs and power outages.


$11,499 including GST

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Installing a grid-tied solar system is a smart and efficient way to harness renewable energy to reduce your electricity bills. By connecting your solar panels to the local power grid, you can generate clean energy for your home or business while benefiting from net metering, which credits you for any excess power you produce.


$10,999 including GST

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Finance Options

Embrace sustainable living without the burden of high upfront costs with one of these attractive finance options:

  • Q Mastercard – 12 months interest free terms available 
  • Green Energy Loans – all NZ’s major banks offer home loan top-ups with low or interest-free terms for installing solar


To get started on your solar journey, get in touch with us today and explore the best financing option for your needs.

Terms, conditions & inclusions

Our standard installation package includes:
  • Professional installation – expert setup of the solar system by certified technicians.
  • Basic Setup – integration into your existing electrical system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Standard installation covers typical scenarios under normal conditions, ie, single storey, over a maximum of 2 roofs, roofing material is equivalent to coloursteel long run iron, pitch is 15 degrees or above, single phase and travel is within 30kms of Christchurch CBD. It does not include:
    • Complex access – additional costs may apply if special equipment or methods are needed to access the installation site.
    • Extended travel – locations outside of our standard service area may incur travel surcharges.
    • Scaffolding or special infrastructure – if required to safely install the system, it will be assessed and quoted separately.
We aim to provide a transparent and straightforward installation process. For unique situations or specific concerns, please contact us for a personalized consultation and quote. More about 12 months interest free finance here.

Not sure which system is best for you? Get in touch for more information about any of the above packages or for a no-obligation quote.