Hybrid Solar Systems

Store energy for later. You’re in control.

Hybrid solar systems combine the best of grid-tied and off-grid solar systems. It is basically grid-tied solar with the addition of battery storage. The battery is used to store excess power to offset peak load or night time use. 

Benefits of Hybrid Solar vs Grid-tied Solar

A hybrid system means less reliance on the grid, a solar battery is used as a back up when solar power or grid power is not available.

An existing grid-tied system may be upgraded to a hybrid system using intelligent inverter technology such as the Sungrow SH series or the Goodwe EH series.

Hybrid Solar System Products


Solar Panels

Sungrow Hybrid Inverter SH5K-30

Hybrid Inverters

BYD battery box LVS

Solar Batteries

The cost of your hybrid solar energy system varies according to the number or size of the array (number of panels) and other system requirements.

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