Goodwe EH Series Grid-tie & Hybrid Inverter 

The GoodWe EH Series is a single-phase, grid-tied solar inverter specially designed for use with high-voltage batteries in the home. The inverter features a ‘battery ready’ option for users who might wish to eventually acquire a full energy storage solution. 


  • Battery-ready so it can be upgraded from grid-tied to hybrid with the purchase of an activation code.
  • Pre-wired communication cables minimise installation time.
  • Plug & Play AC connector makes operation and maintenance significantly more convenient.
  • Automatically switches to back-up mode in less than 0.01s ensuring that critical loads experience no interruption.
  • Power deviation of less than 20W designed to maximise self consumption.
  • Switches from grid to PV to supply power in less than 9 seconds, helping heavy load users avoid expensive intakes from the grid.
  • Compatible with a range of high voltage solar batteries including BYD and Pylontech.


Download the datasheet:

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