BYD Battery Box Premium LVS

The award-winning BYD Battery Box, made by Chinese Manufacturer BYD Ltd is now available. BYD, the world’s largest producer of electric vehicles and creator of a Zero Emissions Energy Ecosystem, brings the highest safety and performance standards to residential and commercial battery solutions.


The new BYD Battery Box Premium LVS lithium battery unit offers a modular design, providing maximum flexibility. The configuration of modules for any application can grow with user requirements. Capacity can be further increased through parallel connection of Battery Boxes.

The Battery Box is compatible with leading hybrid and off-grid inverters, enabling high-powered emergency back up and off-grid applications. See Victron off-grid inverters and Sungrow hybrid inverters.

The cobalt-free lithium-ion phosphate battery provides maximum safety and lifetime performance and power which makes them the perfect batteries for all applications.


  • Extensive life testing and track record show the highest levels of reliability and long life. All products have been certified according to international standards.
  • 10 year performance warranty
  • Scalable from 3.8kWh to 245.8kWh
  • Maximum flexibility for any application, up to 64 modules can be connected in parallel
  • Patented internal plum design requires no additional wiring
  • Self consumption optimisation for residential and commercial applications


Download the datasheet:

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