Introducing Trina Solar Panels

Introducing a new Solar Panel brand to our range, Trina Solar. Trina is a well respected name in solar panel manufacturing and is the largest manufacturer of solar modules in the world. As a vertically integrated company, Trina Solar oversees the quality of its products across the supply chain, and all Trina panels undergo in-house testing and independent, third-party certification.

Trina’s highly ranked position in the world market is evidenced by these achievements:

  • In a recent study of PV modules made by leading manufacturers, Trina Solar modules ranked highest in reliable performance under real-world climate conditions.
  • In 2016 Trina were named the world’s most bankable solar panel manufacturer.
  • In 2016 they broke the world record for multicrystalline solar panel efficiency.
  • According to a report by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, Trina is a leader in sustainable solar panel manufacturing



Trina Panels come with a 10 year product workmanship warranty and a 25 year linear power warranty, meaning that they are guaranteed to be at least 80% efficient after 25 years.


Apparently named as it is designed to be in the “sweet spot” between cutting edge technology and cost effectiveness, Trina Honey Panels combine great aesthetics and efficiency with proven reliability and quality.

With the uniform, deep black monocrystalline cells, available with black or silver frames set to black or white backsheets, the Honey M Plus Panels pair good looks with the quality guarantee of Trina Solar and industry leading 25-year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Download the datasheets:

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