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Demand for Commercial Solar Strong & Growing

As solar becomes increasingly popular across the globe, many businesses are investing in solar PV systems for their commercial properties. We’ve seen a growth in the commercial solar sector and have been fortunate enough to supply and install some of the South Island’s largest commercial solar projects. These solar projects include large retail and commercial warehouses, schools and retirement homes.

Why choose solar for your business?

Just like residential solar, commercial solar power systems save you money on your energy bill! Often commercial buildings are large, allowing for a substantial solar array and energy cost savings –  generally the larger system, the higher the return on investment, as there are economies of scale cost advantages.

The financial benefits are further enhanced by the fact that, solar power is produced during the day, often when businesses use the most electricity. This is in contrast to residential solar where production and consumption are not always well-matched.

Additionally, and very importantly, are the environmental considerations. A solar PV system installed on your facility offsets your carbon emissions and is a highly visible statement to clients, staff and the general public, of your company’s sustainability credentials.

We introduce you to some of our recent commercial solar projects in 2019 and 2020.

Mitre 10 Mega, Wanaka


  • 105kW system -160 Jinko solar panels, 320 x 320 watt
  • SMA 3 Phase Inverters – model STP5040 Core 1 50kW
  • East facing aspect, but low roof pitch allows for longer direct sun exposure
  • Potential power generation of around 130,000kWh per year

At 105kW, Mitre 10 Wanaka is our biggest solar installation to date and will generate approximately one fifth of the store’s energy needs, powering heating and lighting systems.

The unique system design which has the inverter units installed on top of the roof, rather than inside the building, allows for a quicker installation process. The final stage will be to connect system internally once building work is complete, towards the end of 2020.

Arvida Living Well Apartments, Parkland Retirement Village, Christchurch

Aerial of solar panels Arvida Park Lane retirement village


  • 5Kw grid tied solar system
  • Trina Solar 270w solar panels
  • 3 x 15kw Fronius Australia Symo inverters.
  • Using in total 377 x 270w Trina Honey M solar panels with 6 Fronius Symo Inverters.
  • This solar system has the potential of generating 132,600 kw/h per yearly with savings of $34,476.00 if all generation is used in the rest home and they are paying 26c per kWh to their power company.

Aged care operator, Arvida Group’s mission is to make its residents’ lives better with everything they do. This philosophy carries on into the company’s design and development principals.

All facets of the design and their impact on the lives of Arvida’s Living Well Apartments residents were carefully considered. They looked at the materials, whether they were locally sourced, considered their environmental impact, and how their characteristics would enhance living environments.

Move Logistics Warehouse, Rolleston

Move logistics warehouse with solar panels on roof


  • 75 kw grid-connected system
  • 238 x 315kW Trina solar panels teamed with 1 x 50Kw and 1 x 25 kw SMA Tripower inverters
  • Potential of generating 92,000kWh per year

Sustainability was a consideration for Move Logistics during the development of their major new logistics warehouse in Rolleston. The site has been equipped with the latest in smart lighting technology to save on electricity and LPG forklifts have been replaced with electric forklifts. As part of the stage two development, solar panels were installed to further reduce MOVE’s environmental impact and saving them about 30% of their energy use.

See the Move Logistics building project time lapse here:


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