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Solar PV System Plays Important Role in Blum’s New Christchurch Showroom

Global kitchen hardware manufacturer, Blum, has an ideal of ‘think globally, act locally’. The design of their new 3,150m2 showroom and warehouse in Christchurch shows just how committed they are to environmentally sustainable design. Working with architect Warren and Mahoney, Michael Hawkins, Managing Director of Blum, New Zealand, says the new Christchurch building meets their ambitions to create a “facility with the smallest environmental footprint possible”.

CPS Solar are delighted to be involved in the new building from the design stage. The building features solar photovoltaic panels, a water recovery and recirculation system, geothermal heat recovery, smart ventilation, high-spec insulation and underfloor heating. Future proofing was also important, allowing for business growth without multiple extensions.

“The finished building is a testament to the effort put in by the whole design team, delivering a building that has sustainability at its core,” says Blum Senior Associate, Simon Laurie.

Going green from roof to floor

The facility has a 100 kw north-facing photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the building. The main goal is to offset the building’s energy consumption and since the majority of the consumption is during the day, like most commercial projects, solar is an obvious choice. Energy generated not only powers the building including its heating and ventilation, it is also used to charge the electric forklift trucks in the warehouse. EV chargers have been installed in the carpark allowing staff and customers the ability to capitalise on the solar PV installation.

Says CPS Solar owner, Murray Marquet, “It’s great to see a business, like Blum, taking the initiative to build an energy efficient building with long term investment in mind and it was an honour to be involved in this project from the early stage. This is the way of the future.”

The Blum system

  • 100kW array – 303 x 330 watt Trina Solar
  • 2 x SMA Core 1 Tri Power 50kW inverters
  • 303 x Tigo fire safety TS-4 Safety Optimisers
  • North facing

More about the Blum Christchurch showroom and warehouse project

More Information

Blum is one of a growing number of commercial businesses to benefit from solar energy. If you would like to know more about how your business could benefit from commercial solar, including our commercial solar payment plans, then contact us now.