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  • We only supply and install the world’s leading solar panels and each comes with a 25 year warranty, but you can expect your solar system will perform for around 30 years!

  • "A grand job done with cheerfulness and politeness. They were tidy, sweeping out our garage when they were finished and putting coffee mugs in the dishwasher."

  • Wrong! We only use Winaico.
    Best Output, Best Price and Best Warranty!

  • EnaSolar's inverters are 'grid-tied' - meaning they feed any excess electricity produced back into the utility grid. This surplus is credited to your electricity account.

  • We use SMA Solar's Sunny Island and Sunny Boy systems. Market leaders in Off-Grid solar energy

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We only use Winaico Solar PV panels - the Best Performing Solar Photovoltaic Panels at the Best Possible Price and each comes with a 25 Year Warranty!

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"Even Track Your Energy Output Online or From Your Smartphone..."

Solar Energy

Free, green energy

Investing in Solar Panel Energy is at it’s lowest ever level!  And with grid energy prices rising sharply, now’s definitely the time…


Off-Grid Solar

No need for the grid

Our Off-Grid systems are ideal for remote locations, or if you what control of your energy needs without relying on the grid


Solar News

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The Christchurch Earthquake and Rebuild- Impact on Energy


Why choose us?

  • We are Specialists in Renewable Solar Energy Solutions
  • Our Panels come with a hefty 25 years warranty
  • Our solar panels recently topped a major US study
  • More Solar Installs on Orion Network than any other Co.
  • You’ll be able to sell your surplus energy back to grid!
  • You'll take control of your own energy supply
  • Our friendly service & ongoing support
We can't praise the guys at CPS enough - professional and friendly throughout… Learn more...

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