Triple Power Solar Battery

Designed and manufactured in partnership with SolaX, the Triple Power Lithium-ion Battery is a new high-voltage solar battery solution.

Triple Power batteries are available in 4.5kWh and 6.3kwh modules that can be installed in a series (up to 4 batteries of the same size) to the master box, allowing for a highly flexible and powerful energy storage solution.


  • Plug & play – easy to install
  • Scalable to 25.2kWh
  • Up to 6kW charge/discharge
  • Floor & wall mountable
  • High voltage
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with SolaX hybrid inverters: X1-Hybrid, X1-Fit, X3-Hybrid and X3-Fit.
  • 10 year warranty with 6000 cycle lifespan and an estimated life of almost 25 years
  • 90% depth of discharge – use 90% of available capacity
  • Compatible with SolaX Cloud online monitoring system.

For optimal functionality you can download the Solax Cloud app onto your smart device to monitor energy levels, temperature of the appliance and choose which devices are powered by the energy.

Download the datasheet:

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