Fronius Symo 3 Phase Hybrid Inverters

3.0-3-S | 4.0-3-S | 5.0-3-S

The Fronius Symo Hybrid Inverter is the heart of the storage solution for 24 hours of sun. Boasting power categories ranging from 3.0 to 5.0 kW, this three-phase inverter allows surplus energy from your solar photovoltaic system to be temporarily stored in your battery. The built-in Multi Flow Technology enables the energy flows to be intelligently managed. The result is maximum self-consumption and maximum independence.


  • Intelligent energy management and unlimited usage options thanks to Multi Flow Technology
  • With the emergency power function, the household can enjoy an electricity supply even during power outages
  • User-friendly interface and integrated WLAN and Ethernet provides perfect system configuration and visualisation
  • The DC coupling on the battery guarantees maximum efficiency of the overall system
  • The emergency power function and battery can be retrofitted


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