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Solar Diverter for Hot Water



Divert excess energy from your solar panels into your hot water for under $1000



What is a solar diverter for hot water?

Green CATCH solar hot water power diverterA solar hot water diverter is a device that sends surplus electricity from your solar power system to your hot water system.  This saves you having to use expensive grid electricity to heat water.

Green CATCH is an Australian-made solar diverter that utilises your existing solar installation to heat your hot water. CATCH will divert the solar energy that is excess to your home and use it to heat your hot water.

Green CATCH works with your existing hot water tank and solar panel system. You can reduce your reliance on main-supplied power by up to 95% and increase your solar savings by hundreds of dollars per year.

Green CATCH can be installed for under $1000. Contact us for a free assessment and quote:



How does the Green CATCH solar diverter work?

Green CATCH is simply a diverter of solar power that is excess to your household. It is installed in the meter box and then monitors power coming and going from your premises; when the diverter senses power leaving, it redirects that power to your hot water service.

The CATCH Control Pad gives the owner greater control of their hot water heating allowing for shorter days in winter, or an extra boost if required. The Control Pad can be adjusted to heat water immediately (from general tariff electricity), to never using the mains at all. Great if you are going on holiday!

Green CATCH uses intuitive programming to automatically adjust the timer set to make the best use of your solar. It learns every day.

For an independent review of Green CATCH, go to solarquotes.com.au.

For more information download the data sheet:




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