SolaX X1 Hybrid Inverter

Single phase X1-HYBRID-5.0T

The SolaX Power X1 Hybrid is the third generation of their market-leading solar hybrid inverter. It is compatible with the leading lithium-ion battery solutions available on the market.

Generate solar power during the day for use in the home, then when the background load is satisfied, charge your batteries with free, clean solar energy. Discharge your stored energy during the evening when the sun has gone down, then charge your batteries back up over night on a cheaper tariff.


Never lose power – an emergency power supply or EPS switch (only available on ‘E’ models) enables the X-Hybrid to work completely off-grid, meaning that any power you have stored on your batteries can be used in the event of a power cut.

Control your energy – built-in export control allows you to manage the power you generate, exactly how you want to.

Other features:

  • Protect against power outages
  • Charge from the grid
  • Online monitoring
  • Increase self consumption
  • Plug & play installation


Download the datasheet:

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