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Lyttleton Main School

Lyttleton Main School
Lyttelton Main School

A 42 panel, 9 Kw solar system for Lyttelton Main School

What we did…

CPS Solar is proud to have just competed the installation of a 42 panel, 9 Kw solar energy system on the earthquake-hit Lyttelton Main School.As we all know, Lyttelton was hit hard by the quakes throughout 2010 and 2011 and it’s great to see institutions such as our schools embracing smart energy solutions for their repairs and development.  The school, on Oxford St. in Lyttelton, won a $50,000 grant in a competition run by Yealands Estate Winery for environmentally friendly initiatives.   We are delighted that they opted to use a significant portion of the grant for our solar energy scheme.

What it means to the School…

As well as providing great cost savings for the school, there are great educational benefits for the kids too.  The children are now able to see smart, clean energy production at first-hand and they can monitor and model real-time energy output and sunshine data from computers at the school.  We’ll be training our future energy consumers to make smart energy choices and help reduce NZ’s carbon footprint! See more….

A team approach…

We’ve supplied the system at a lower than normal rate, and Christchurch-based Enasolar – the company that manufactures and exports worldwide the inverters that convert the sun’s energy into useable AC current – donated 3 of their inverters, valued at around $7.5k to get the school up and running.  CPS Solar will also making a $250 donation to the school’s operating fund for every subsequent solar installation carried out for customers connected with the school.

What it means to us…

This is really uplifting stuff for us at CPS Solar.  It  shows that local companies like us have a chance at making a positive impact on the choices our consumers and institutions can make post the earthquakes.  You may be aware of a recent announcement that Panasonic and a Nelson-based Solar firm had won the rights to install solar across Christchurch’s proposed Highfield subdivision of 2,200 homes; whereas we are a local, family-owned and operated business working hard to make a difference to energy consumption across the SI.

Contact us if you want to know more about the Lyttelton Main School solar project.

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