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CPS Solar Partners with Schneider Electric

CPS Solar Partners with Schneider Electric

Schneider LogoIn a move that endorses CPS Solar as a premium solar product provider, we have been named as the exclusive supplier and installer of Schneider Electric solar inverters in the Canterbury region. Given Schneider’s worldwide reputation for producing quality solar products, this is an exciting opportunity to align ourselves with an extremely solid solar company.

“We’re proud to be chosen by Schneider as their authorised solar inverter dealer in Canterbury. It’s great for customers in Canterbury and around the country to have access to this affordable, world- class product, with service to back it up,” said Murray Marquet, Director at CPS Solar.

Extensive range of inverters

The partnership enables CPS Solar to offer a complete range of affordable, high specification solar inverters to consumers and electrical wholesalers, including:

  • Grid tied inverters
  • Off grid inverters
  • Hybrid inverters (for grid-tied solar systems with extra battery storage)
  • Commercial 3 phase grid connected inverters


About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has been in business for over 178 years and was named as “one of the Top 3 Most Competitive Solar Inverter Companies in the world in 2013.”

Schneider products are designed and built to the highest standards and are engineered specifically to meet demanding requirements of solar installation. It is one of the very few companies that can offer assurance that spare parts, service and technical support will be continually available over the 20+ year life of a solar installation.

Why quality is so important

Solar is a young industry and is going through intense cost competitive pressure. It could be tempting for some suppliers to have a short-term horizon and lessen their specifications on quality of design, testing, manufacturing and supplier qualification. This in turn can threaten the long-term reliability of the solutions and put the customer’s investment at risk.

Solar inverters are the heart of the solar PV installation and the most sophisticated part of the overall solar solution. 60% of the energy loss stems from the issues related to inverters and electrical balance of system. Upfront rigor in choosing the reliable inverter and balance of system supplier goes a long way in improving the return on investment on solar projects.

For further information contact us or read more about inverters.


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