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Solar Panel Micro-Inverters


What are Solar Micro-Inverters?

The solar micro-inverter is a relatively new, compact inverter technology fitted to a solar panel.  As with central inverters, their job is to convert the direct current (DC) produced by the panel to alternating current (AC) for use in your home or business.  The current from several micro-inverters is combined and fed into a single supply – in contrast to a single, central inverter device that is connected to multiple solar panels.

Why choose Micro-Inverters?

Micro-inverters have several advantages:

In the event of even the smallest amount of shading through tree cover, leaf debris, snow cover or a panel failure – the output of the entire solar system remains more balanced and stable .

Systems using Micro-inverters enable each panel to be independently controlled and monitored.  You can also expand your system using different panel sizes and outputs. As micro-inverters carry blower voltage than central inverters, they are safer easier to install.

Our Micro-Inverters and what to Expect From Them?

The smart design of our ReneSola Micro Replus inverters improve solar PV harvesting and reliability. The Micro Replus System includes the micro-inverter, MRG Communications Gateway, and Monitoring Software.

Other features include:

  • Maximum power production – Resilient to dust, debris and shading
  • MPPT efficiency greater that 99.5% – No single point of systems failure
  • Simplified PV systems design & installation – Performance monitoring for each PV module
  • Low DC input voltage, resulting in safe installation
RenaSola micro-inverters are designed for the highest reliability in the world’s harshest conditions: from -40 degrees C, to +65 degrees C.  They come with a warranty of 15 years, with a lifetime of approximately 25 years – matching the life expectancy of any solar panel!

We are specialists in solar renewable energy systems and install systems South Island-wide.  We also supply solar systems components, such as solar panels, inverters and panel fittings/rails.

Our Micro-Inverters are available to trade and direct to the public.




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